Should a Muslim lady go for Nipple Piercing? Is it allowed in Islam?

Are you planning for nipple piercing? Make sure you know what says Islam and know the result if you get nipple pierced. But before explaining what says Islam, lets know something what says science about it.



Health issues

Nipple piercing is a modern trend but it has some health risks such has infection on nipple, bleeding, extreme pain.

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Another crucial health issue is its healing time. Nipple tissues are very sensitive and once you pierced, healing duration may take 6 months or more. Hope you can realize its medical side effects.

As a woman you may have baby and breastfeeding is so vital for you because your baby need it. You know your nipple has ducts for milk. Piercing Nipple and wearing ring can block your ducts. You may wear jewellery and nipple will can be hard.

If I talk about infection of Nipple Piercing the list will be long. Here are some common and serious infections possibility mentioned:

  • Nipple are very sensitive tissue and associated with milk ducts
  • Possibility of some blood-borne diseases like Hepatitis B or C, Tetanus and HIV
  • Your nipple rings can get caught on your clothes it may cause of your skin tear.

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Are you still interested for Nipple Piercing? Please keep reading-


How to get safe Nipple Piercing

Okay, assume you have taken your final decision. We request you to find a professional and experienced specialist for your Nipple Piercing. Remember, don’t pierce your own nipple or let your friend/ husband to do it.

Before getting pierced, make sure the followings-

  • You have chosen an experienced professional
  • Equipment are clean and sanitized
  • Stuff are clean and their hands are washed
  • Jewelry is best fit and flexible for your nipple.
  • Must take a detailed instruction

What should you do after Nipple Piercing?

Hope you are ready to manage extreme pain. It will be sore for a week after piercing. And it may bleed, itch and you can feel so uneasy.

  • Keep your hands clean with warm water and special soap before you touch nipple.
  • Whenever you wash your nipple make sure you dry with clean towel.
  • Be careful about your clothes getting caught with nipple. It may cause of huge pain even bleeding.
  • You have to careful using bra. Try to wear T-shirt to protect your newly pierced nipple.


Can you close up the Nipple Piercing?

It is possible. You can close up piercing. Even it takes less days to be closed up. If you need it closing up must go a professional specialist.

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What is the cost of Piercing?

It varies place to place shop to shop. It recommended you while choosing Nipple Ring choose which is likely to cause less allergy.

What says Islam about Nipple Piercing

Anything harmful to your health is harm in Islam. Let’s know in details from a Islamic Scholar.


Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah's guidance)

It is not permissible to pierce any part of the body other than the ears and the nose for women.

The scholars limited the permissibility of piercing the body to the ears and nose . [Ibn Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar]

Piercing is considered mutilation [muthla] of the body which is unlawful in Islam.

Hence, it would not be permissible to pierce the Nipple, lip, belly button etc, since that is not considered the adornment for any decent women. [Radd al-Muhtar 5:270]

Therefore, to pierce the lip, belly button, nipples etc, is Haraam even for the pleasure of the husband.

Also, It should be remembered that women must observe the Hijab when she's outdoors. As the Hijab is a veil for the Women unlike the head scarf.
And Only Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.

Last words:

Yes, Nipple Piercing is painful and it is harm in Islam. You should not go for it. Muslim Leady has many things to do beautify themselves. Why you go for a big pain? Have a nice time. Stay with Blogger Muslimah. Allah Hafiz.

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