Drawing Bases Sketch To Advanced Step by Step [Easiest Guide]

Drawing Bases-Step by Step

How about you can draw base like this one? Yes, that's amazing. Right? I am going to explore the process of drawing base step by step throughout the article. Are you excited? Yes. Let’s get to the point.


What are drawing bases?

In general, base means when someone produces a non-graphic nude character. Our purpose isn’t explaining what is base in depth but is to show the easiest guideline for drawing bases.

Generally, bases come in all shapes, styles and it may have different structures. As a result, before drawing a base, I should let you know what types of base I am going to draw.

Visualisation of your idea should be the first step of making a base. Suppose, I want to draw a girl, anime, jump, schoolbag.


Steps in drawing base:

I am going to divide the whole process into some steps. Hope these steps will be easily understandable and easy to use for you.



Drawing Bases-Step by Step

As a first step, I have drawn a circle. Don’t worry either your circle is perfect or not. It has not a big impact in your project. Just draw a circle like me.


Draw a circle. (No, really? Yeah…)


Drawing Bases-Step by Step

Draw a jelly-bean blob shape underneath the circle. This will become the body, so feel free to make it long, short, skinny, chubby, or even to split it slightly into two sections (torso and hips).


Drawing Bases-Step by Step

The jaw-line. Nothing revolutionary here. I often use quite rounded jaw-lines for my chibis.

Try any jaw-line you like – a superhero one would be highly amusing.


Drawing Bases-Step by Step

Arms and legs! These are also really basic. Literally just cylinders.

I have flattened the cylinders off at the bottom to indicate feet. You can make the feet larger if you like. Or longer arms/legs.

So far, this base sketch has taken about 40 seconds XD Far less time than to write about it D:


Drawing Bases-Step by Step

Decided to turn the sketch blue so I could see the final body lines better. The final lines are drawn in the base outline colour.

You can see that I moved the body inwards a bit on the right hand side, slightly shortened the arm/hand on the right hand side and drew the top of the head on the inner part of the sketch circle. Added an ear too, that I forgot to draw in the sketch XD


Drawing Bases-Step by Step

Sketched a face on. Remarkably, it’s not that sketchy… XD

I’ve tried to keep the face fairly simple. The mouth is literally just a “u” shape.

Also opted for some swirly cheeks for a change. Normally I just change the colour so there’s a slight blush, but meh XD Change is fun?


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