8 Valuable Blogging Tips and Mistakes That Blogger Beginners Should Avoid-2022


Blogging Tips and Mistakes That Blogger Beginners Should Avoid

There is no right or wrong way to blogging. Blogging is considered funny because it is not serious. We can always go back and edit what we write, and usually posts older than a week are quickly forgotten. However, we are going to write today's article for those who not only interested in expressing their feelings but also Earning Money through Blogging. To create a free blog you can visit- Create a free blog with blogger

But having a blog can provide many advantages. You can use blogs as a place to channel ideas and thoughts. There are also people who do blogging with the purpose of sharing travel and life lessons with others. 

Okay, let's share a list what we are going to cover throughout the article-

1. Blogging Tips For Beginners

2. Blogging Mistakes for Beginners 

Before going into blogging tips for beginner bloggers, it's good you know why you need to build a blog.


Blogging is fast becoming a way of communicating and spreading the most popular information and news. There are so many blogs online but do not be afraid, you can make your blog stand out and look.

Blogging is a way to express yourself and also the means to share info with others.

You become a better writer.

The most tempting reason is that you can earn money from blogging.


Blogging Tips For Beginners

By having your own blog, you have more control, creativity, and flexibility when compared to other forms of social media. The following tips are just suggestions as a mild spark to encourage your thinking. There is no right or wrong here.


Write What You Like


What is the content of your blog? About cooking? Child care? Handicrafts? Whatever it is, make sure it's what you love. Maintaining a blog is a hard work. Do not start if you do not like to write a few days a week. If you do not have passion on the topic you choose, there is not much you can offer to readers and they will soon leave your blog.

Blogs are about ideas that suit you. 

So think about where your passion is. One thing to avoid is getting stuck in a giveaway in an attempt to gain readership. There are some good bloggers who are declining in quality because they are obsessed with giving giveaway.

It's fun occasionally to be a giveaway host. Unless you are dedicated to doing so, this is not the main way that keeps the reader coming to you.


They come because of your content. What you want is a reader who likes to read what you write, not a reader who signs up to get into your giveaway. This is not how to build the right audience. Read more of our article about writing on a blog.


So Different from Others


Whatever you choose as a blog topic, there may be many other bloggers having the same topic as you. So think about how to make your blog different from others. If your blog is about making crafts, for example, see if you can get an idea that most bloggers do not do. For example, you can create a crafting blog for boys. This is a pretty smart idea since most crafts are devoted to girls.


Check out other blogs that have the same genre as you and change a bit of yours. If your blog is about cooking, you can hold a monthly submission reader, where readers send recipes. You practice the recipe, pick a winner, and give a gift. Sounds nice, especially if no one has done this. Perhaps the main part of your blog is just like any other, but look at what you can do with something different.


Writing Like When You Talk


People love to read blogs whose writer's personality shines in the written word. Readers feel like they are right in front of you and share their thoughts. Posts become more interesting and easy to read. Let your personality shine. Let the reader establish a connection with you as they read your content.


Create a blog that is casual, people will prefer it. But this does not mean you are using inappropriate words, just be yourself in a good way.


If you do not remember the difference in the meaning of a particular word or difficult to organize your ideas, you should delay writing your blog first. The reader may tolerate the use of false comma punctuation or similar errors, but not for the use of words.


Good Content Is The Key


Write content that you yourself want to read. You can not make everybody happy. But do the effort to be more creative. Suppose you make a post about a good game idea for a child. People open your content and the games you suggest turn out to be commonplace. Already discussed a lot. Make your blog stand out with great, creative, helpful, and inspiring content.


Photography Abilities

If you want to keep your blog growing, your photography skills need to be improved unless you're a professional photographer. Good photography will be very useful for your blog. You want readers to share your content. If the content is very good but the picture is ugly, they will still share it. But readers will share it manyfold when you have interesting photos.


For example about recipes. The best recipe can have the worst picture and some of the worst recipes can have the best picture. But you know which ones people choose and share. There are many photography books out there, online tutorials, and classes you can take. You can also do Pinterest search and find the good ones people like. If your image looks professional, your blog will also seem professional. Read how to make money from blogs in our other articles.


Common Beginner Blogger Mistakes 


Here are some tips to avoid common mistakes made beginner blogger:


Not Know Your Audience

One of the most common mistakes bloggers make is that they do not know who the target audience is. They create content about many things without realizing whether readers want to read them.


Before you start writing, you need to have a clear picture of who you are targeting. After that, you need to research what your target audience wants to read.




Many new bloggers start out eagerly but over time they become inconsistent, not often blogging, not close to the reader, or write a silly article.


Considering the number of bloggers and content that attacks us every day, being inconsistent can be a blogger's fatal mistake. Readers will forget about you quickly and you will lose all your traffic sources.


Before you start blogging, try to set the task in a realistic way so you always know what to do. Create a monthly editorial calendar for blog post ideas and write as much as possible. After publishing a single post, make sure you have time to promote it.


Search Engine Optimization


When talking about SEO, there are two different groups of bloggers, who write only for the sake of search engines, or do not consider search engines at all. For the first group, writing just to enter the rankings can make the post even unreadable. Using keywords does not get you in as far as that in SEO.


Conversely, there are those who strongly do not consider SEO when creating content, either because it is too complicated or they are unaware of the need for an SEO strategy. You can make SEO easy even as a beginner, with plugins like SEO Yoast that tell you exactly what you need to do to improve blog post.


Not Just About You

Whether as an individual or a company, many bloggers make the mistake of talking too much about themselves. For the individual case, no one really cares about you or your life, what they want is the information you promise. What they're looking for is the value of your content, not what you've done lately or how badly you've been sick. But this does not mean you should not inject personal things in your writing, or stories about yourself, it's just that you should not overdo it.


In business blogs, many often talk only about themselves, their products, why people should use their products, and what makes their products so good. This does not make people want to read your blog. After all, most of them do not believe in you or your opinion if all you do is talk about what makes your product good.


Not Having a Strong Niche


One big mistake that bloggers make is to be everything for everyone. The clearer and undefined of your blogging mission, the more you develop a niche of focus and value.


For example, if bloggers about banking are interested in lead generation for small business loans, it is not necessary to waste time and energy trying to write about the mortgage market. But he needs to focus his energy on niche and interesting topics in loans for small businesses. This is intended for a wealth of more specific and more interesting and informative topics for smaller groups of people. Interested in small business? Read our info on the idea of growing a small business.


Includes Too Many Topics


Another mistake that bloggers make is covering too many topics. Many bloggers want to appear to as many audiences as possible so they write about many topics. The problem is the scope of the blog can be lost and may not appeal to the audience. Defining some key areas that blog posts will cover can well hone the content and focus the knowledge and expertise of bloggers.


Not Committed to Process


Many people who enter the world of blogging think they will have a direct impact on their business. Search engine visibility and traffic will increase, then they receive a lot of money. But unlike pay per click advertising, building blogs that build your business takes time and effort. Try to write 2 or 3 posts per week for 6 months to get the expected results, or more if they are in a competitive industry.


This means more than just writing, you also need to write keyword-rich posts in a persuasive way, interesting titles to read, made links, and shared to social media.


Blog Post Structure


The way you organize your blog post can have a big impact on the success of your blog. When a blog post is well structured, it helps in terms of SEO and also makes the post easier to read. Include feature images, and add more images in posts. Sub headlines also help a lot, both for SEO and legibility. These two simple tips can make a big difference to the legibility of your blog post.


Focus on Quantity Not on Quality


Many bloggers focus on quantity rather than quality and this is a big mistake. There is a theory that states you need to blog several times a week to make blogs always look fresh, both from the perspective of human consumption and also from a search engine perspective.


It takes time to research, write, and edit a good and deep blog post. Unless you're a big company with a team of professional writers, there's not enough time in the day to do this well, so many blogs come up with substandard material.


Bad Writing


The blogger's goal is the same as the other writers, to acquire and retain readers. The more readers, the better. But there is one way that keeps regular and potential readers away, which is bad writing.


With the ease of access to create blogs today, the importance of good writing in the publication has been much lost. It is often found format errors, spelling, and grammar in post blogs and articles published online.


This error not only makes posting difficult and unreadable, but also makes the point difficult to convey, and ultimately makes the reader admit unprofessional bloggers. Of course, good writing is more than just a sentence that has the correct structure and has been spelled out. Good writing has a core and is accessible, in other words, easy to read and understand. Use spell checks, take the time to research ideas, facts, and concepts you are not sure of and most importantly read the post before it is published.


Bad Headline


Bad headlines can cause bad traffic. The titles are the part that draws the reader to the content, so it should attract attention. What new bloggers do is they do not clarify the contents of posts, or they try too hard to be smart or funny, unfortunately, this does not work.


The more specific you are about the subject you write, the better. It not only gives the reader more information about how valuable your post is to them but also increases the possibility of post rankings in search engines due to less competition for the terms you use.


As much as possible for short headlines, but still descriptive. Do not use 10 words if you can say them in 7 words. Google restricts titles up to 70 characters so you should always create titles below this amount.


Poor Editing

On many blogs, whether new or old, you can tell if the content is not edited at all, it even looks like it's published as soon as it's written. Unedited or edited blog posts with language structure problems, ineffective sentences, unnecessary use of words, and so on, create a poor reading experience and this communicates if you do not pay attention to details.


Last words

Everyone makes mistakes, and bloggers can not be separated from this. What do you think is the biggest and most common mistake bloggers make? And what mistakes do you make as a blogger? Hopefully tips on blogging above useful.

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