8 Most Powerful Ways to Lighten Skin Naturally and Permanently in 2022


8 Most Powerful Ways to Lighten Skin Naturally and Permanently


8 Most Powerful Ways to Lighten Skin Naturally and Permanently - Both women and some men would want to have clean white skin so that the appearance will look more interesting and fresh. Many women even assume that having white skin is a pride because it is something that makes them more beautiful. Because skin bleaching products are quite a lot of harmful and less reliable, how to lighten the body naturally became a target.


Powerful Ways to Lighten Skin Naturally

Injections of certain compounds or called white injections are sometimes an option for some people so that the skin becomes white instantly. Many beauticians certainly recommend how to lighten such a body, but natural ones are always much better. Side effects are guaranteed to be very small when you choose a natural step.


Lighten Skin Naturally and Permanently 


Jicama - use for lighten skin naturally


It is clear that jicama is one of the best materials to create a natural white body. Often used moisturizing agents and lightening creams, it helps you try to use the fruit directly. Jicama mask is very easy to make and even the material is not expensive at all.


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How: Provide jicama sufficiently and make sure it is still in a fresh state, then peel and then wash thoroughly. After cleansing, grate then until it is really soft and squeeze the grated gauze. Continue by filtering and sledding for the night. Tomorrow morning you can just take the sediment jicama ingredients to be distributed throughout the body. Wait half an hour before rinsing with water.



Radish -Jicama - use for lighten skin naturally

If radish is usually used as a food ingredient, radish seems to save extraordinary efficacy in making skin body lighten. Besides can buy it for cooking, use also as a skin care ingredient body. Brightening the skin using radishes should also be added with lemon and olive oil.


How: Take radish as much as 1-2 sticks, then do not forget also lime and olive oil. Clean the radish, then grate or blend until tender. Squeeze lemon and olive oil to taste can be added and you mix it to form a cream like pasta. It is this paste that you can spread to the whole body that you want to bleach; rinse after 30 minutes.


Rice Water

Water Rice  - use for lighten skin naturally

One of the tips to make a white skin naturally is to use a simple water portion of rice. If you usually dispose of rice water, this time you can try to use to treat the skin because vitamin B is contained in it including high. These vitamins will help make dead skin cells lift and regenerate perfectly. In addition to whiter, brighter and shine, the skin surface will also be made smoother than before.


How: Provide the best quality rice about 6 tablespoons. Continue by putting it in a container that you have given water. Shake until the water changes like milk. Take the cotton which you can then dip into the water of the rice, then apply the cotton to all areas of the body just after bathing. Wait approximately for 1 hour and when it starts to feel stiff, use cold water to rinse.




Yogurt is usually a good food for diet and digestive system. But it turns yogurt to lighten the skin is also just as effective because yogurt has the ability to support exfoliation and cleaning stains. Even signs of premature aging can also be diminished as it helps regenerate skin cells.


The trick: Yogurt bargain is the best, so provide sufficiently. In order for more thickened texture, please mix with a little honey. For treatment, use warm water to rinse face and body parts to bleach. Apply this yogurt and leave it for half an hour to absorb, and then use cold water to rinse.



This one natural ingredient is already very popular in India because of its benefits in improving skin tone and forming melanin. Turmeric is very good in brightening and stabilizing skin color, even with antioxidant and antiseptic properties can also maintain healthy skin of the body.

How: To brighten or lighten body skin, provide milk cream and turmeric powder to taste. Mix these two ingredients and then apply them to the areas of body skin you want to lighten. Once it really feels dry on the skin, you can use warm water to rinse it. For results as expected, repeat this way of treatment on a daily basis on a regular basis.

 Egg whites

Skin care using egg whites has been quite popular lately and no longer weird for you to try. Many Korean and Japanese women use this material as a mask regardless of the fishy smell. Protein is the highest content and this is the nutrient that will make the regeneration of new skin cells faster.

How: Prepare a duck egg or chicken eggs, separate yellow and white first. Egg whites can then be whipped until white and frothy, add honey also according to your needs and preferences. Once so, apply to the whole body to bleach every after bathing. Wait 30 minutes before finally rinsed with warm water.


Potion from Banana and Honey

Honey and bananas can be a great combination and a tremendous benefit to get a white, smooth and healthy skin. There is a high content of vitamin C in bananas, so it is certain that bananas can whiten the skin of the body optimally.


The trick: Prepare the plantains or other types can also, then also honey cannot be left behind. Bananas can you puree first using a spoon until smooth new honey can be added. After the herb looks like a paste, you can smear the skin of the body using this herb. Allow half an hour and rinse thoroughly with cold water.



Avocado is not only delicious juice drinks are added with milk and chocolate, but this fruit is also good for skin care. Good fats and glutamine contained in it and even high enough so as to whiten the skin and overcome the dry skin. Vitamin A content is high so it can regenerate skin cells.


How: Provide avocado meat as necessary, or usually only about 1 cup only. To form a paste, you need honey as well as the mixture. After bathing, you can mask this mask to the body evenly, wait about 25 minutes. Next, use cold water for the rinsing process.


This is how you can Lighten Skin Naturally and Permanently. Hope this article helped you a bit. If you think this is worthy, please share the article to help more people. Thanks 

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