3 Natural Products to Treat Chapped Lips

3 Natural Products to Treat Chapped Lips

3 Natural Products to Treat Chapped Lips

Less irritating than the lip sticks and lip balms available on the market, the ingredients of natural origin are just as effective in keeping your mouth well hydrated in winter. Our four home remedies for dry or chapped lips.


The skin of the lips is thin. In winter, this sensitive area is exposed to cold, wind, factors that promote its drying out. This feeling of dryness pushes us to moisten our lips with our tongue, but this nasty reflex increases chapping, tightness, tingling. very frequent symptoms but which can evolve into cracks, conducive to the proliferation of certain bacteria such as herpes.

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It also happens that we do not support chemicals such as paraffin, a petrochemical present in many sticks and balms sold on the market. The solution therefore lies in hydration, by drinking water all day, and in products of natural origin that protect our lips without damaging them.

Beeswax And Almond Oil To Moisturize Lips

3 Natural Products to Treat Chapped Lips

Mix beeswax and organic almond oil in equal amounts in a saucepan over low heat. Once fluidized, pour them into an airtight jar and keep it on your bedside table to apply a dab morning and evening on your lips.

 Almond oil moisturizes the skin and the wax, which can be replaced by shea butter, will form a protective film that will prevent moisture from escaping too quickly.

Warning: if you are allergic to pollen or have an atopic tendency, it is recommended not to use bee products, which may contain allergens.

Coconut Oil, The Natural Star Care For Hydration


3 Natural Products to Treat Chapped Lips


Take advantage of the healing, emollient, softening, moisturizing and restorative properties of coconut oil by keeping a small jar on your desk or near the sink.

 Throughout the day, every time you wash your hands, apply a little oil to your mouth.

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Honey And Vegetable Oil To Repair Chapped Lips

3 Natural Products to Treat Chapped Lips


If your lips are in terrible condition and need a boost to repair themselves, opt for a double treatment with honey and oil instead.

Apply a thin layer of honey on your lips, let it act for a quarter of an hour, trying to resist the temptation to lick it off, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Then go to the hydration step with a layer of vegetable oil (olive castor oil) and also leave on for a quarter of an hour before rinsing. Velvet lip effect guaranteed!


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