Guayusa Tea: Origins, Benefits, And More

Usually when you think of tea that comes from South America you think of yerba mate. But the lesser known tea of the bunch that can still pack a nutritional punch is the highly energizing guayusa tea. It's a little less acidic than coffee, but it has the same amount of caffeine. At the same time, in addition to being just as energizing, guayusa tea also has a great deal of health maximizing effects that can neutralize free radicals and also increase circulation.

Also, if you're looking for a digestive aid, the tea can also make it easier for your food's nutrients to be absorbed. As we go through this article, we'll be going into these and more benefits of this tea, as well as how to enjoy it properly. There is a style and an occasion to how it's been enjoyed historically as well.

 Guayusa Tea: Origins, Benefits, And More

What is  Guayusa Tea

What is  Guayusa Tea

In addition to guayusa sharing the same energizing level as coffee, it's also easier to brew than its equally energizing tea cousin yerba mate. Yerba mate is sensitive and can be ruined pretty quickly if it's not brewed right. The equally as impressive fact is that guayusa tea is even more nutritious and practically impossible to over-brew. Also, it can be steeped again and again without losing its energizing effects. This gives you more benefit for the amount of raw material you need to brew another cup. Also, the taste of the guayusa tea is not quite as intense as the taste of yerba mate, so people who have a more herbal pallet will be happy.

What Are the Benefits of Guayusa Tea?


What is  Guayusa Tea

As we've mentioned, guayusa tea has the health benefits of containing a great deal of anti-oxidants. And in addition to aiding in digestion and boosting your energy, it also is a preventative force in a number of other health arenas. Though it will never be officially stamped by the FDA as a preventative, it has been shown to have certain effects on the body that help people who are predisposed to certain conditions. We'll go into a few of those below.

Heart Health Gets a Boost

One of the great things that this tea has to offer is that it has benefits for those who struggle with heart health. There's a large concentration of theanine in this tea. The benefit of the high amount of this substance is that it has a two-fold effect on the body. One the one hand, it reduces inflammation. In addition, it helps regulate blood sugar. In the anti-inflammatory aspect though, the arteries and blood vessels enjoy even more heightened relief.

How It Helps Aid Weight Loss

Because of its twin benefits of energy boosting (from its caffeine content) as well as how it helps the digestive system, the body ends up using the nutrients it needs and none of the nutrients it doesn't need. This causes the body to retain less of the calories it doesn't need. It also causes you to be more active in all of your other endeavors. This makes it a great pre-workout drink so you can maximize the gains you'll get as a result.

Curbs Diabetes

Another great thing about guayusa tea is that it helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is, of course, no replacement for the proper treatment of diabetes. But studies have shown that it can reduce weight gain that may have been brought on by diabetes.

 How to Enjoy Guayusa Tea


What is  Guayusa Tea

The traditional way to enjoy this tea is in a pot similar to yerba mate. You can continue to steep it and sip it through a metal straw specifically made for tea consumption. It can be brewed hot or iced. Additionally, one tablespoon or two grams of tea leaves brew the perfect cup, usable for multiple steeps. As you sip multiple cups, you'll notice that you are free from jitters (though everyone is different) because of how the caffeine from the tea is released into the body. Also, another way to enjoy the tea is to brew it when you think you may have some kind of disease or infection coming on. Drinking it can also boost immunity.


What is  Guayusa Tea

We hope you're encouraged to try guayusa tea the next time you have the option to. As we've mentioned, it's perfect for the herbal tea enthusiast that's also concerned with having an energy boost. It's also perfect for those who prefer a more floral taste. If you're looking for places to consume it, check out your local health food store or perhaps you have a global tea house/shop near you. Then again, you could order packages of guayusa tea to enjoy at home. Another positive aspect of choosing this tea to boost your energy is that in most cases you're supporting smaller family-run businesses that are active stewards of the environment.

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