6 Food can stain teeth or Cause Cavities, from Bit to Lemon

6 Food can stain teeth or Cause Cavities, from Bit to Lemon

Food can stain teeth or Cause Cavities
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Hello, thanks for clicking on your favourite blog Blogger Muslimah. Today we are going to know 6 food that strain our teeth and how to care our teeth. Let's get into the point.

6 Food can stain teeth or Cause Cavities, from Bit to Lemon - A beautiful smile is the best expression of a person. But, smile no longer beautiful when the tooth damage. In fact, if you have neat teeth, but stained or yellow, then the smile will not be beautiful.


Brushing your teeth twice a day becomes one of the efforts to keep your teeth clean and healthy. However, brushing your teeth twice a day may not be enough to keep your teeth healthy. Dental care is as important as taking care of other body parts.


Dental health reflects the overall health of the body significantly. In fact, many studies show that unhealthy teeth, such as cavities and gum problems, are associated with major illnesses such as heart disease.


There are several factors that determine dental health, such as dental hygiene and diet. When certain food particles accumulate between the teeth the result appears to be a breeding ground for bacteria, which ultimately causes stains and cavities.


There are some foods that we often eat and can stain teeth or cause cavities. Here are some of them.


1. Red Wine

do red wine cause cavities?
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Often drinking red wine can not only cause cavities in the teeth because it contains sugar. Red wine can also leave brown stains on teeth.



× Danger! Do not take wine. It is harm and at the same it is harmful to your health.

2. Coffee

coffee harms teeth
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Drinking coffee in the morning can make energetic. But drinking too much coffee in a day can also make teeth look brownish and unhealthy.


3. Lemons

Although lemon is very good for health because it contains vitamin C, consume lemon juice or lemon, especially with sugar on a regular basis, can affect teeth because lemon is acidic.


4. Pistachio

Often people use their teeth to break the skin of pistachio nuts. This action can damage the enamel, the smooth part of the tooth, and cause tooth sensitivity.


5. Swallow food

Make a chicken curry enthusiast, think twice before taking it often because the food coloring added to the powder and oil can stain teeth.


6. Beets


beets cause of teeth strain

Although beets are very healthy vegetables, rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, consuming them daily can also stain white teeth because they contain a red hue.


Hope you have go a clear idea about 6 food that strain your teeth. You can follow our blog to get more valuable posts like this one. Take care. 

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