How to Register Blog to Google Webmaster Tool

How to Register a Blog to Google Webmaster Tool - Registering a blog to Google webmaster tools is very important for a blogger. For those of you who do not know How to Register Blog to Google Webmaster Tool, I will give the tutorial here,
Who is not familiar with google search engine, Google is a site that has the most visited in the world. Almost all the information available on the internet, we can access from Google search engine, catch the role of Google on the internet is very important.

When you need information, then definitely google that you will use, probably most visitors of this blog also comes from google search engine. As the most popular search engine in the world, registering your blog to google search engine is the thing you should do. The purpose of registering a blog to google is to add your blog to the Google search engine index list. Well please see step by step tutorial to registering your site to google webmaster tool.

How to Register Blog to Google Webmaster Tool

Previously you must already have a Google account. if you do not have a google account, please register first at
Once you have a google account, please sign in.
Then Fill out the login form that is available, with your google account email and password.
After successful login, then you can access google webmaster tool service.
Then Click the ADD A SITE button to add a blog or website that you will register. (See picture)
How to Register Blog to Google

Type your URL blog/website and then press Continue.
Next, verify ownership of your website or blog. click on the alternate methods tab (see picture)

How to Register Blog to Google

There are three verification options that you can choose, if your blog using blogger service, then select the first option that is, add the meta tag to your site's homepage.
Please copy the meta tags that are available. (view image)

How to Register Blog to Google

After you get the meta tag, go to your blogger account, then go to Design menu > Edit Html.
Next, after you go to Edit HTML menu, then you will see HTML code in your blog. The next step, you press ctrl + F on your computer's keyboard.
Then find the code </ head>.
Once you find the </ head> code, please paste the meta tag you got earlier, just below the </ head> code. Then click Save in the right corner of your Html design.

The last step is, go back to google webmaster page (where you get the meta tag), then click the verify button. Once successful will show information that the verification process has been successful. Then click the Continue button.
How to Register Blog to Google Webmaster Tool has been completed. Google webmaster tool you can use to analyze various data about your blog visit specifically and certainly free of charge: D.

So many tutorials How to Register Blog to Google Webmaster Tool. If you have difficulties in registering your blog on google, you can ask for help to me, through comment field that has been provided. Hopefully the tutorial - tutorial that I share useful for my buddy all

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