How to Create Contact Form Page (Contact Me) in Blog / Website

How to Create Contact Form Page (Contact Me) in Blog / Website-Contact Form, often referred to as the "Contact Me" or "My Contacts" page, is the most important part of the blog/website that serves as a formal and personal correspondence medium. Although there are many other media, the contact page becomes an option because it maintains privacy for both parties, the owner of the blog/website and visitor/customer. This form also works to avoid spam sent via email.

Therefore, to avoid the risk is used a contact form. I have felt the many benefits of using this Contact Form, almost every day there are visitors who use Contact Form to ask a few things, ask about tips-tricks bloggers, advertise, ask for services to create blogs, SEO and others. Just after further correspondence, I use email/chat media directly.
For Blogger / Blogspot blog, this page by default is not provided, another case with WordPress where this feature is already integrated. But do not worry; you can make it with a few simple steps, namely using the external Contact Form that is installed on the blog page/website.

How to Create Contact Form Page (Contact Me) in Blog / Website

Steps to create a Contact Me Form :
1. Choose one of the Email Contact Form provider sites below that you think fit:
How to Create Contact Form Page (Contact Me) in Blog / Website 

2. Create an account on the site you have chosen and follow a few steps to create a Contact Form. All tutorials on these sites are very clear so no need to be delivered here. You can customize posts, message content, word boundaries (minimum-maximum character), to the Form view (CSS styling) with just a few clicks.

3. Once the customization is complete, copy the code that has been created. There are several options that can be selected code, for blogger / BlogSpot blog, select the option code HTML / JavaScript and not the type of PHP.

How to Create Contact Form Page on Blog:

1. Create a new post page with the title "Contact Me", "My Contact", "Contact Me", or whatever you prefer. I suggest that the page type is a static page and not a post page as usual because the page is "timeless" or does not contain URLs showing months and years. In addition, the Contact Me page also does not require search engine optimization (SEO) like other post pages.

 2. Click "edit HTML" (on the top right corner of the post box).

3. Enter the Contact Form code that has been made earlier to the post box.

4. To preview the result, just click "Compose" (return to WYSIWYG menu).

5. If it is wrong, can be directly saved or can be added some other posts, up to you.

6. Then Publish.

7. Put the link manually to blog link list, menu, or other desired places.

8. Done!

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