8 Simple Step How To Make Disclaimer For Blog Quickly

A disclaimer is actually a static page that contains the rules on our blog. Usually, the writing on the page is made so that visitors can interact well and do not violate the TOS website that we make. Actually, there are so many ways to create a page disclaimer, either manually or automatically with tools of course. Both ways have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of manual are that we (as the blog owner) can make their own rules, while the weakness takes a lot of time. As for the automatic (with tools), we can make it quickly. But the disadvantage is the text of the page is less in line with our will. However, I prefer to create a page disclaimer with automated tools. The reason is to know itself, that is quick and easy: D

How To Make Disclaimer For Blog Quickly

On this occasion, I will try to share on how to create Disclaimer page by using automated tools. Immediately see the following.

1. The first step, please visit Disclaimer provider website www.privacypolicyonline.com/disclaimer-generator/

2. When you have entered the page, you will be presented with a column form. Fill each column with the blog's identity correctly.

Your Site Title: fill in this column with your blog title
Your Site URL: fill in your domain address or blog URL
Contact Link: can be filled with name, it is useful to give anchor text to your email address later
Email Address: fill in the email address you use for the blog, or it could be another email.
Well if all the columns you fill well and correct, then please continue with click 'Generate Disclaimer'

3. Automatically the website will process your blog's identity data and create a Disclaimer text quickly. Usually, no more than one-minute text Disclaimer has been successfully created.

4. If the article or text Disclaimer has appeared, copy it all along with the date of manufacture and license.

5. Now please go to the main page of Blogger dashboard. Then click 'Page' in the menu in the left row

6. Continue by selecting 'New Page' and then selecting 'Empty Pages'

7. Before posting text Disclaimer that you copied earlier the give first-page title with 'Disclaimer'

8, Next paste the text to the new page. Do not forget to reset the text until it looks neat. If so, click Save or Save. Done.

Try you put this one page that already visible to the visitor, so your blog will look more professional. Even by creating this page, blogs will increasingly be loved by Google.

Easy is not it? In addition to improving the credibility of the blog, with your blog Disclaimer page will also be more easily accepted Google Adsen (Google advertising media).

So how to make a disclaimer for blog. May be useful!

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