7 rules and habits of parents actually cause negative effects on children

bad habbit7 rules and habits of parents actually cause negative effects on children-Generally, children will imitate what the parents do. In accordance with the theory of Imitation that children learn most of their social skills by imitating their parents.

Every parent would want the best for her child. However, sometimes some rules and habits of parents can actually cause negative effects on children. As reported by the Boldsky page, there are seven bad habits should be avoided by the parents. Here are the details:

1. Criticize yourself
Reduce the habit of self-criticism, whether it's about appearance or career. The habit will make the child set unrealistic standards about beauty and success. As a result, children may experience depression.

2. Using gadgets excessively
When a child sees his or her parents calling or sending messages using gadgets on an ongoing basis, the child is more likely to imitate the behavior. As a result, children also want to have a gadget without knowing what the benefits of the gadget.

3. Assign a gender role
Sometimes, some parents forbid boys crying and demanding girls to behave in a feminine way. Such prohibitions and demands may prevent children from developing and becoming themselves.

bad habbit

4. Smoking
Children who see their parents smoking will think smoking is a natural thing. They also have the potential to imitate the act, without realizing the risks.

5. Too Competitive
Do not motivate a child by insulting his shortcomings and comparing his achievements with other children. This habit can damage the child's confidence.

6. Fight in front of the child
Seeing his parents quarrel can lead to aggression in children. Words or actions that occur when a fight will be absorbed by the child and imitated to his friends.

7. Physical punishment

In addition to causing physical injury to the child, punishing the child physically can make him a rebellious child, or otherwise become a child with low emotional levels.

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