Super Easy for Beginner, How to Write Articles on Blogger

How to Write Articles on Blogger - After you create a blog and have a blog on blogger, of course, you cannot wait to fill it with articles that will you publish. Well, if you already know the menu in the blogger on the posting page, may be no longer difficult to write articles. But there are many friends we are new and new blogs on bloggers who do not know how to create an article on the blog and post it. For that, here I will explain in detail.

Because almost 99% of blogging activities are writing, the most basic thing that we must know is to write articles and publish them so read by other internet users. To write articles on bloggers is not difficult if you've ever written a letter or school/college assignment on Microsoft Word, writing articles on blogs is no longer a difficult and confusing thing. Because the menu function on the blog page icon is almost entirely in MS. Word.

Super Easy for Beginner, How to Write Articles on Blogger

To go to the writing page or create an article on your blog should:

1. Login to blogger
2. Click the icon that symbolizes the pen to create a new entry as below

 How to Write Articles on Blogger

3. Next, you will be taken to writing articles like the picture below

Super Easy for Beginner, How to Write Articles on Blogger

A. Captions Description:

1) The box to fill the title of the post
2) Undo and redo,  to restore the original origin in case of an error in editing
3) Button to delete multiple words at once
4) Button to check the accuracy of several words
5) Button to change font type or letter
6) Button to resize large/small letters
7) Button that serves to reflect the letters
8) Buttons to change the letters, for example, B = thick letter I = italics U = underlined letters and ABC to cross out letters
9) Button that serves to give the color of the letter and the letter (first you have to block the letter to be colored)
10) Buttons to add links, pictures, and videos into the article to be posted (first you have to prepare the link)
11) To create articles in HTML code
12) To create articles in Compose mode (normal)
13) To adjust the text and give sub numbers and sub bullet
14) To create or add a blog label.
15) To publish ready-to-type articles
16) To view the article before it is published.

B. Steps to post articles:

If you are already familiar with the icon function that is on page writing articles on blogs, to write an article is now no longer difficult.

We recommend that you first click "Edit HTML", if directly in "Compose" mode; it often hangs on your computer (my own experience). Copy the article you have created earlier, and then paste it in the posting area. Edit according to your wishes.
Click the "compose" button to do the editing (if you are still confused with the HTML code).
Click the tool button that has a blue "panorama", if you want to include a picture or photo to decorate your post.
Click the "Preview" button to see the results of your post which will appear in the blog, perhaps there is still a need to edit.
Click the "publish" button. Done. The writing of your work will be seen and read by the whole world.

I think it is quite complete what I explain in the tutorial how to write articles on blogger. For that, I just got here, and see you in the next blogger tutorial. But before, if you have not done settings/settings of the blog, please read the tutorial on how to set the blogger settings menu.

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