Easy Step. how to create a free blog on Blogspot

Learning how to create a free blog on blogspot itself is not difficult, especially by using blogger, with a few steps your blog can already be and immediately online.

But that's not the only thing that will be explained by CaraSpot.com here because everything related to setting or setting will also be explained in detail so that it will look not only cool and interesting but also SEO Friendly (Search Engine Optimization: search engine optimization so easily indexed search engine).

SEO is important because the name of a new article can be said to be good if it is not only the material, material, and writings are weighty, but also it can be found on the first page of Google when people type in certain keywords about the discussion.

Before continuing about how to make a blog we should be a little flash back about the definition or understanding. According to Wikipedia, the blog is short for the word web log which is to name the web-shaped application whose content is more inclined to the writing or articles generally written in the form of sequential form starting from the latest articles to the oldest that have been published.

And the difference with the website is where the blog is not static or often change, that is with the update of the article every time that also affects on the interface between the face.

The main purpose of making a blog, whether it is free or paid as on here, is in addition to being a way to share knowledge, is now also beginning to bloom used for business purposes and make money via the internet.

And the fact that at this time, even for Indonesian blogger users only, has generated a lot of tens of millions per month just with a free Blogspot capital.

The author is now also feeling the benefits of managing this blog. But of course with the condition can make blog useful and interesting, start from design appearance, their logo(good to make in Logaster because besides free complete feature and without having to design its own appearance can be direct). Okay, we should start learning the technique:

Before this, we want to say that the name of the blog can be made with various platforms, but because of chance, there are only 2 CMS most used then only that we provide tutorials. Here's the guide:

Steps and Processes How to Create a Free Blog with / In Blogspot Himself for Beginners (article below)

1. Create a Gmail email first
2. Visit blogger.com
3. Log in to your Gmail account, if you have not already.
4. After logging into blogger.com, click 'New Blog'
5. The contents of the data: Title of his blog, address (for example yourname.blogspot.com), then select the template (appearance)
6. Finally, just click the "Create Blog" button underneath

Write articles: 
login to blogger, then click "New Entry" orange color above.
Start posting: Give title to Entry, fill article in big column, give Label/category beside and click "Publish"

Explanation below:

For this tutorial, I will give you guidance for using blogger platform, and then on the next page will be equipped with a special tutorial for blogs using WordPress. In addition, there is also other information relating to the world of blogging, ranging from how to make go to page 1 Google, to how to make money from Free of charge blogspot. Well, the following steps how to make free blog:

1. Create a Gmail Email first.

If you do not have an email please learn how to create a Gmail email first. Why is that? Yes, because when we will log in, would also start listing to place its blog, namely Blogger.com, required to have a Gmail email account (not others like yahoo, Hotmail and others). This is not just for the purpose of making blogs, but can also for other purposes, such as facebook list, upload videos on Youtube, and so forth, so there is no harm if we make it, anyway we can use it as a communication tool.

Now email can even be made as a tool to earn income from the internet by following some advertising programs that are specific to the campaign via email, and about this, we will discuss thoroughly in the next segment.

2. Go to www.blogger.com

(If you cannot enter by clicking above, then just type in Google word "blogger")
After opening the official website above then you will see the picture as below (so when entered typed is blogger.com, but after the end of the address is blogspot.com) Please fill the data with email address and password email you have create it before, then click 'Sign in':

3. Start making a new blog

After the next login you will be directed to the page as listed below, please click the button on the left that reads "New Blog"

Easy Step. how to create a free blog on Blogspot
Add caption

4. Name and Select Address 

Next will appear a small page which there is 4 short steps in blogging in it, namely:

Easy Step. how to create a free blog on Blogspot


Title - In the section how to create a free blog on this blogspot content with the title of your blog, should be in accordance with the theme for easy indexed Google. But this can be changed any time after the blog so.
Address - In this column, you have to choose free blog address that has not been used by others, such as bloggue.blogspot.com and so on. If you have ordered people will see a yellow exclamation mark (!) As seen in the picture or if no one is used at all then it will look true or check marks are blue. If it so continues to the next step.
Templates - Display some of the visible images this is the shape of the look of your blog later. But no need to worry because this can still be changed with a more interesting and cool by beautifying it through the template file downloaded on the site free providers. Or if you do not understand, please read how to Change Blog Templates that we explain clearly how to step up to have a web-like look like a professional and paid.
Click 'Create Blog' - This is to save the selected name and display and your simple free blog is ready and ready to be filled with various articles and business offerings in it.

Extras: Before you go, take some time to Logo Online in Logaster so that in the header of your blog will display a unique brand that is more interesting or if you do not know how to read the tutorial here: How to Create Free Online Logo

5. Filling and Writing Articles

After having a blog then the next step we should know is how to write articles in it and what is done in order to start active and visited by many people. Here's the process:

A. Go to the compose page

Easy Step. how to create a free blog on Blogspot

[UPDATE] - For the time being, just click "New Entry" orange.


Please click orange color button (no 1) with pencil drawing to start posting article,
Or click the little arrow icon to select some settings, example' Posts ' to see all the articles already written, ' Pages ' to write menu articles like profiles, contacts and so on, ' Comments ' to see who has been commenting, and ' Statistics ' to see the number of visitors per day, week or month. After entering in that section, you also can still see the post button or create a new article on the left side which also writing orange

b. Start posting

Description (as per number) :

For details number 1 on the side with the title of the article that you will publish, try not too short and if necessary according to the theme you want to discuss for easy indexed.
Columns to type your blog posts.
For settings and style of articles, such as bold, italics or word enlargement and more.
The label is the same as the name of the article category. This is the use to classify the type of writing in one category, example ' WordPress ' whose content is all about the WordPress tutorials.
The yellow button with the word ' Publish ' is what we click after finished write so that the article can be online and read by everyone.

Writing Tips

Writing for books with the web is very much the difference, especially because the blog article aims not only read by humans but also search engines that have their own standards to determine which one is best and deserve to be placed on the first page.

About this, we have reviewed in the previous article, namely How to Write SEO Friendly Articles to Easily Enter Page 1 Google (the link is in the 4th paragraph from below, precisely in step 6 below). In it, you can read all the secrets of the masters in managing each post to be easily indexed and even Rank # 1 in various search results with keywords that rival up to millions.

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